New Blog Address Live Today!

As you might have surmised, along with posting more frequently lately, I’m taking this blogging thing a bit more seriously. To further that interest, I’m making a few changes around here.

The first is I have a new domain name! From now on, the blog will live at: (Yes reckless was already taken, and it’s cute and all, but it’s not my blog.). Though the new blog looks the same as this current blog, under the hood it’s quite different and gives me more tools as a writer and domain manager.

While all old content will continue to live here, all new posts will live at the new site. I’ve already migrated all the content of this blog over to the new site, so if you want you can go back and read old posts from the new site, nifty huh?

Important News (if you subscribe to the blog… or want to):

While the content is the same, unfortunately I cannot migrate subscriptions. However, it is quick and painless to subscribe to the new blog. So if you’d like to subscribe and receive new posts via email, go to the new blog here and on the right hand side of the page, enter your email and click “Subscribe!”, pretty simple right?

That’s great Greg, but you said changes with an ‘s’ what else is new?

Glad you asked, in addition to the new address, the other major change is that I hope to ramp up the frequency of my posts, to a few times per week. I have more to share and can’t wait for the opportunity to do so! I love writing and hope that you enjoy reading my thoughts as well. Thanks so much for coming along with me thus far and I hope to see you around on the new blog as well!


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