Arriving in Lviv (again)

As I write, dog tired after a long first work day demolishing walls at the new student center in Lviv, I can’t help but be thankful. I’m thankful for safe travel from the states, for not missing a flight when we arrived at the gate on the final call due to security in Warsaw, for only missing one bag (which was returned to us today), for our group being welcomed in Lviv by some of my old friends from the student center, for a crazy adventure with the English Club where we had a photo scavenger hunt through the city (which our group had just arrived in 4 fours before) which required that we try and propose marriage to strangers on the street among other things (pictures to follow, they were hilarious), for a good nights rest, for lots of work to be done at the new student center site, for sledgehammers and knocking plaster, concrete, and bricks down from a wall which we’ll destroy over the next couple days, for safety at the worksite, for masks so we don’t breathe in the dust of a 150 year old building, for great Ukrainian friends at the new student center who we get to work with and make us laugh though/because we can’t understand a word each other says, for a delicious home cooked Ukrainian feast at dinner tonight, for a great team with great spirits, and for a God who loves us so much and makes all of these things possible.

I would write with more eloquent prose, but after carrying: a stove, 100lb. Bags if sand, and 60-80lb. Bags of debris up and down 4 flights of stairs at least 15-20 times today, I can barely keep my eyes open. Thanks for supporting us in our journey, please pray for God to move in powerful ways these two weeks though our construction/relational ministry.


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